Giving new life to animal skulls

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From their bare forgotten bones, we have chosen to resurrect their souls. To make known their sacrifice was not for naught. To tell their humble stories, to shine and to bear witness to their past.

Marrow Skulls provides decorative African skulls as a work of art, original and inspired by nature. Our skulls of noble and horned animals are always sourced from professional taxidermists, never taken away from the soil or veldt, nor by hunting. We only create artwork with skulls on our client’s behalf.

Our target markets are architects, interior designers, hunters, commercial facilities, and the public as a whole.

Marrow Skulls' idea was formed on a visit to a hunting game lodge some time ago. As long-term friends with complementary skills - a tattoo artist and a director in the financial industry - we decided to merge creativity with business. In this way we could express our relationship with nature and celebrate African art.



Meet our Team

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We believe in our brand and in our promise to our customers. Combined, we have the necessary experience to deliver our brand values that forms the basis of everything we do.

We establish personalised relationships with our customers and work closely with them. We believe that a unique product offering demands high professionalism and complementary skills to make it happen.


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Our Brand


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Our mission is to merge creativity with business, to bring impression through expression, to assert our relationship with nature, and to celebrate African art.

Our goal is to produce your ideally decorated animal skull. We will discuss and consult with you your thoughts, ideas, inspiration, or actual artistry, and create a skull artwork piece for you. Each service we offer is based on our core values, namely collaboration, integrity and diversity. Respect for our products and professionalism towards our clients go hand in hand.

We would like to think we are outdoorsy, descriptive, earthy and powerful with a level of sophistication offering high end and luxurious artistry products.