Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, custom pieces can be ordered by contacting Marrow Skulls directly. We will assist or work with you in designing your skull aligned to your thoughts and ideas.

We offer consultation services prior to designing your skull. If there are any additional queries, we are here to answer them.

Contact us directly to order our original works as well as custom pieces. Please refer to our contact page.

Not a problem. Consult with us on creating your bespoke skull artwork piece.

We do not remove any remains from the veldt, nor do we take the life of any animal for our trade. We utilise two sources for our skulls, namely professional taxidermists and skulls that are the property of reputable hunters. For the latter group we decorate skulls in line with their wishes.

It is the process to sourcing and preserving the skulls legally, following strict regulations and guidelines.

Depending on the type of animal skull you choose, designing and crafting takes approximately +/- 10 days.